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I'm naive as far as knowing myself is concerned .... Each Day ; Each Dawn ; Each Moment ; Each Minute is an encounter with myself of knowing evolving and facing what I'm and what I'm turning into.... I evolve ; I change every second as I learn from this vast full of experience universe ...

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh – Rarely are Legends Born

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh – Rarely are Legends Born

Rarely are legends born who are to the point and blunt. Their Actions speak for themselves.

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh, (98) I would refrain from quoting him as MIAF or simply Arjan Singh; as the Man earned the rank and those from Defense background or Fans of Forces would know it takes courage and a lot more to earn each stripe and Rank, unlike Politicians or other Bureaucratic tracks.

I still remember, at the Funeral of President A P J Abdul Kalam. Sir, reflected utmost Military Protocol and discipline despite being ill and wheelchair bound(for that period) he drew the strength to Stand Up walk up a step and Give a proper Air Force Salute to the President. While at the sidelines told Arvind Kejriwal and his counter peers to grow up above bickering and get to the point of serving the people.
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 👣Journey of Character 👣

 👣Journey of Character 👣
It is not how others see you,
It is not what others think of you ,
It never is how you project yourself,
It is never a facade of lies.
What is it, Whom you really are – is what your
character is !
What you do and act shapes it.
Society has no role to play…
HE almighty is the only one who Judges it.
Lie not, for it is a Sin. What is even worse is
stating Truth as a Lie.
No Matter How you project your Character.
Monetary & Materialistic items aside.. Play not,
Never with Emotions, Feelings, Affections,
Sentiments, Souls, Hearts.
It is a Journey, let it be of a Human not Satan !

Dolphin at Ghat

Dolphin at Ghat

Sitting at the Banks of Ganga is where this log comes from.

At the Banks of Ganga @ Rishikesh

There are moments, events and people in your life which define how you perceive things. Relating to all small things in and around, to the ones you are associated with or use to be associated with.

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It Still Hurts !

It Still Hurts !

Always felt it in my Heart since childhood,  this Video summed the feeling of a Grandchild in 3 Minutes…

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Rains !

Rains !

Precipitation, Droplets of Water Falling under the effect of Gravity from the water body called Clouds. This phenomenon is classified as Rains. Is it so simple? Is it just water?

Don’t know Why the thunder ignites the flashback engine, Why the dark clouds bring in loneliness realization?

The lightening seems to be the mockery of Gods on me, as if Zeus himself laughing and saying


“I gave you a Life to make a million Lifetimes, you buffoon slaughtered it with expectations, egos, ethics, values, dearness, foes, & greed.”;

Each drop a electron ion carrying with it the moments; When I expected and crash landed.. When I jumped to fly but found no wings, When I wanted to stand but found no ground. Every moment, When I was somebody and sometimes nobody but never Me. All those moments that I wanted to be; for I could never dedicate myself in the Endeavour.

Yet I find myself at peace when it rains, for I let it pierce through me. As if allowing it to wash away the leaves of the Gaya, which reside inside me holding the tender sections. Yet I find peace in thee for it seems to be the tears that I couldn’t shed, for times I could shout out loud, for times I couldn’t fight… The droplets, thunder, lightning seem to do that for me.

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