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India Gets ~NSG~ waiver – Joins Nuclear Club

India Gets ~NSG~ waiver – Joins Nuclear Club

The Nuclear Deal Wins after 1000 deaths

Finally after years and months of ups and downs facing all the climax a deal can possibly meet at a global level. The Nuclear Deal gets through all the major hurdles.

The day President of United States, George W Bush on his visit to India declared the Deal and the basic framework was negotiated ; each and everyone  saw it as a topic of debate.

In INDIA it went upto the level that the present government (INA Congress) lost support of the left and had to undergo Trust Vote in the parliament. The two days of trust voting saw both the sides of the coin; one could clearly see the dirty politics and at the same time people who were serious about it. We saw The Nuclear Deal Being related to Muslims , the very communist party said the deal was threat to the secularism. If nothing worked bribery money plot was used.

Two powerful statements for the deal were of Umar Abdula and Lalu Prasad Yadav

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One of the most power speech that was not delivered due to the comotion in the Indian parliament was of Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh’s ( you can view it here) Read the rest of this entry