India- Rating & Censorship

India- Rating & Censorship

Hypocrisy has always been the shadow of Indians. While the values of ethos and ethics have been flauded in earlier times. Yet we find the same been taught and propagated out loud differentiating the GAP between the modernized and the ones who stick to traditional-s. We still live in a world where we have Honor Killings on one end and inter-religion, region, culture marriages.

Instead of having controlled supervision and allowing to move with times, we on the whole have adopted the policy of shunning it, keeping our eyes closed from the movements and developments of changing times. Till the time it becomes difficult to ignore it, but by that time a huge divide has already creeped in between the two. The concept of rating is only superficial in a nation with one of the highest viewership to TV/Cinemas.

The ratings like U, U/A, A mean nothing. I haven’t seen a single multiplex/theatre stopping kids from going in to watch India’s A rated movie and to be frank they are below global U/A standards. While the Hindi fouls are openly said over the big screens in a unique way by altering the phonetics of the words whereas even the simplest of the simplest English ones are silenced.

One of the reasons of flourishing piracy in India is the want for the educated ones to watch the things as and how they are, as they were directed. Why would one want to watch Action Thriller when the complete action from the movie is CLIPPED. Be it be Bad Boys with good 20mins of chase missing on Indian Broadcast or Movies like Gladiator without action. Then what is left is silenced.

Meanwhile the common public learns the Desi Fouls right at home ( which aren’t monitored) and used as helping verbs in everyday life. Without knowing their actual usage i.e. if they ever have to be used ( though one can live a life of peace without them with ease.)

While the law states Adult Content only to be avoided from getting in hands of the young. Govt. goes ahead and bans the websites for all, a move which is in vain but still shows the approach to controlling and regulating. Kamasutra originated here yet the whole world knows more about it and they aren’t afraid to study about it in Universities and even the whisper caught here is a crime.

Our Music never has Ratings and then people file complaints against singers, having abusive lyrics. I am not a fan of borrowed style rapper and the likes of Honey Singh’s idealogy; he doesn’t deserve to carry the name ” Singh ” or he himself is degrading it but then who am I to force that on him, in a democracy ( the largest one I believe with doubts though ) he is free to call himself whatever he likes. Instead of raising PILs and what not against singers movies, why not have a better Rating and Monitoring system. “Parental Advisory” Logo won’t harm would it. We have Radio Edit version abroad. Akon songs most of them had/have two versions. Which makes more sense than simply ignoring the facts. I may not like all the songs but the truth remains there is a significant section ( might not be as large as those who vulgarize the World by their deeds and shout of ethics in the morning or those who are not exposed to such Worlds – and  I respect the later ) of society which wants things as they are uncut, uncensored, un-clipped.

Simple solutions of acceptance, shall curb so many problems which plague the entertainment industry and economy – Like Piracy, Idiot Box Viewership.

If one needs to keep the viewership of this section. Shunning out Developments will only lead to creation of sections like the problem we face today- One who are able to find wings to explore within the Nation find themselves on a Desolated Island, in the sea of others.

Sadly the cry of such problems of population, is way smaller than the OBC,SC/ST, extra Quota and Communal voices which translate to vote banks and then we call ourselves developed still stuck on Caste Creed and divide.

Tribals are called so because they ignored the bigger perspective and shunned the World.

I Love my country, and I would like it to evolve together. At present I see Indias’ within India. Divided not based on the geography but on thoughts and keeping pace with time.   Like a statement is doing rounds on Facebook these days The fact that Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki ran for 8 years and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai had only 1 season Illustrates the fact what’s wrong with this country.

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