Rains !

Rains !

Precipitation, Droplets of Water Falling under the effect of Gravity from the water body called Clouds. This phenomenon is classified as Rains. Is it so simple? Is it just water?

Don’t know Why the thunder ignites the flashback engine, Why the dark clouds bring in loneliness realization?

The lightening seems to be the mockery of Gods on me, as if Zeus himself laughing and saying


“I gave you a Life to make a million Lifetimes, you buffoon slaughtered it with expectations, egos, ethics, values, dearness, foes, & greed.”;

Each drop a electron ion carrying with it the moments; When I expected and crash landed.. When I jumped to fly but found no wings, When I wanted to stand but found no ground. Every moment, When I was somebody and sometimes nobody but never Me. All those moments that I wanted to be; for I could never dedicate myself in the Endeavour.

Yet I find myself at peace when it rains, for I let it pierce through me. As if allowing it to wash away the leaves of the Gaya, which reside inside me holding the tender sections. Yet I find peace in thee for it seems to be the tears that I couldn’t shed, for times I could shout out loud, for times I couldn’t fight… The droplets, thunder, lightning seem to do that for me.

Every drop that falls makes me smile, makes my heart slow, as if the hands of time were drugged; Every drop that falls makes me laugh at my foolishness to expect and build castles of happiness and thoughts; Every drop that falls makes me value the Peace I find when I look back with no regrets; Every drop makes me realize the things I need to do before I can start living for myself; Every drop makes me value What I have even more and things I lost for the price I paid.

The drenched clothes, water drops navigating the path on my skin, taste of fresh water making its way to lips, water Bungee Jumping of the nose tip. The cold skin, slow but audible thumps of Heart makes you Wonders..


” It’s Raining.. But which one is Heavy… The one inside or the one outside?? “


Science quantifies everything has a reason, for what cannot be described within its boundaries doesn’t exists.

Stephen Hawking says God did not create this universe… Was it Satan then?? For I don’t know I’m on punishment or on vacation present in human form on this earth but I thank God (the faith, the voice, the conscience).

For when it Rains only thing that remains static is my soul. Only thing that makes me move forward is the challenge to see, explore, learn, lose, die for a cause.Let that cause be of someone else, but the soul be mine.

Let my life, bring me to a turn where the ME in me DIES and YOU takes its place. I be You; for You be Me.

Let the Gaya of Nature be; for she justifies the Rain beyond droplets of Water.

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