It Still Hurts !

It Still Hurts !

Always felt it in my Heart since childhood,  this Video summed the feeling of a Grandchild in 3 Minutes…

I’m probably the last of my Relatives & Friends to see it, but being Grandson to Independence Era Grand Parents, felt right In…

The dent partition left & the way it changed the course of lives of millions who were displaced from their Homes; to start a new living. So that we could call certain new places our ” Hometown ” our ” Home “, even though they had lost theirs, and left it behind. Imagine the surge of memories it must carry with them at every step of life.

I still remember seeing my Grandfathers Letters from Friends across the border who use to write to him & vise-verse. The glow in his eye when ever on a news channel  he use to see Geo Channel news being shown, he use to read Urdu instead of the News ticker running in English below. Hearing about Lahore being the Fashion capitol of pre-partition India. Knowing the fact that my present university was initially in undivided Punjab capitol Lahore (and a sense of pride too).

Had shared the same feeling when I had visited Hussainiwala Border, sitting across our distant brothers & their sisters 😉 ; the inevitable question that has to pop up in the hearts of all those affected by it is ” WHY ”  a Lines separation has brought so much of Politics and things along that the real value of emotions & people have been left behind.International Border IND - PAK Pillar 131 on Right

Both my maternal & paternal Grandparents came to India in partial families & this was the time when Family didn’t mean Blood Relation but instead the whole village / locality use to be counted as members of Family, my Great Grandfather maternal side, was beheaded while seated & reading Guru Granth Sahib Ji, he declined to relocate, it was the Land he had grown up in, he had played their as a child, sowed seeds & reaped its harvest.

Remembering the times when I use to hear tales about childhood era & pre-partition childhood. Despite hearing all about the horrors in the family & others of partition, their is still a light that glows a small lantern which dreams of undivided partition. Even my main page is dedicated to it since long a single pic which integrates all my essence within itself.

The above pic is modified version of ~Empress Bridge~ well of what remains of it. The Damages on it are not the just of bricks and stones but the permanent marks which cannot be filled, aware of the fact that the coming generation will not share the same sentiment, the emotional bond of calling, pain like I cannot feel what my parents & my Grandparents would feel every single day.

This time difference was the only difference I could find. They spoke Punjabi, we spoke the Punjabi. I however always find their variant to be more pure (theith). We share same history of art, infact one cannot divide the art of Punjab & its origin. It belongs to Undivided Punjab, the theatre, the Jugni, the Food, Larger than Life Lifestyle, Humour, Love for Land.

At the IB I could find Elders standing with One step on the other side (at No Mans Land) and getting their pics clicked or Bowing down & touching their Heads to the Ground. On asking Elders the reason of doing so, the reply that I got shook me till the last standing hair due to the goosebumps which had crept in on hearing the response.

Puttar; Mera Pind, Mitti, Bachpan diya Yadaa, Yaar te sab uspase hai – Meri Maa hai us pase !


Son; My Village, Soil, Childhood Memories, Friends everything is on the otherside – My Mother is that side.

One Day, the Borders would facilitate people from Lahore coming in to work at Amritsar ( and vise-verse) in the morning & going back in the evening, boosting the economies, reconnecting the bond( we still do find fine examples of cross border punjab marriages) , travelling driving in our cars. A dream of peace, A dream of porous borders, A Dream of dove flying across.

While slobbering myself to work (not that I’m not good at it, I love all my endeavours) but the craving to go back to Lifestyle Living away from this Factory Living which companies & businessmen try to sell everyday. The sentence which I say everyday, I know it is inherent in me. When I see someone washing his car personally bearing the CH number, I know it is inherent.

“Apni Mitti Di Gall hi Kuch hor Hundi hai Mitra”

For everything & things that are beyond…

Value the Friends you have today, give your Friendship all you can without the essence of materialistic world. Don’t expect anything in return. Keep the Humanity alive, make acts that keep the life & faith of people alive in doing Good. From not return anyone who turns up at your Door thirsty, to abiding to traffic rules; irrespective of the fact whether others are doing so or not. Be an example others will follow.

Salude to Google for Making such a Advert

Rab Rakha !

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  1. you made me cry…and i dint realize wen i started crying even.
    the soul, the sense of belonging to ones land , the relations stays same undivided by time ….
    what your words made me feel is the unrelenting hope that still yearns to melt the distance between all whose hearts are , in the true essence one with each other since time before and present always…

    thank you jass…

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