Dolphin at Ghat

Dolphin at Ghat

Sitting at the Banks of Ganga is where this log comes from.

At the Banks of Ganga @ Rishikesh

There are moments, events and people in your life which define how you perceive things. Relating to all small things in and around, to the ones you are associated with or use to be associated with.

From the tranquillity of the Ganga, swiftly flowing by; to the joints & their bases. The silver ionized jewellery on display, imagining how it would look on the ones who come and go from your thoughts. The challenges you might face keeping them away from the ill attractions of the place.

It surely is fascinating to see how we humans have changed the perception of faith & what’s right. The wrongs have been diligently being wrapped to give it the cloak of righteousness. The youth today have been attracted to & following these lateral rights.

However, the feel of being with Dolphins of Ganges, knowing the fact that they cannot be found here.

Wish they flourished more and pollution & other barriers weren’t there…

Thus, standing up walking past the captive flute player & yoga pamphlet stickers, you find a very delicate balance between the wild & traditional generations, mindsets.

I still prefer the old mindset to New generation ones. While observing the same, you notice a prayer basket being set adraft into the river for blessings & peace. I hope it takes along the thoughts which haven’t left me yet to move on & peace to all who have been party to it.

One may not be able to, understand all of it; after all you can be high on emotions also. These are raw facts & thoughts as they came.

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  1. I’ve never ever seen someone love someone like that.Your logic,your emotions,your expression,its just one of its kind.
    Dolphin will always be dolphin.I know how you feel.But you have to hold on.Its all a phase.A peek into the other world. You know how dolphins are.They play around…and come back home.

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