Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh – Rarely are Legends Born

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh – Rarely are Legends Born

Rarely are legends born who are to the point and blunt. Their Actions speak for themselves.

Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh, (98) I would refrain from quoting him as MIAF or simply Arjan Singh; as the Man earned the rank and those from Defense background or Fans of Forces would know it takes courage and a lot more to earn each stripe and Rank, unlike Politicians or other Bureaucratic tracks.

I still remember, at the Funeral of President A P J Abdul Kalam. Sir, reflected utmost Military Protocol and discipline despite being ill and wheelchair bound(for that period) he drew the strength to Stand Up walk up a step and Give a proper Air Force Salute to the President. While at the sidelines told Arvind Kejriwal and his counter peers to grow up above bickering and get to the point of serving the people.

Person of might, who still use to enjoy playing Golf at Delhi Golf club twice a week even at this age and Tea. He garnered respect from Heads of States of various countries. Personified a clear crisp to the point approach, reminds me of Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw,who like him was clear and concise to the point. Guess, what makes us respect such men is the fact; that they displayed unparalleled courage when demanded, went over and beyond their duty ( and didn’t wine about it, infact lived it up with a Smile).

With the Bureaucratic Babu’s and Politicians disrespecting the Military forces. Trying to under mine their importance – I doubt such Legends will be Nurtured and flourished by the forces. For a Bird to grow it needs to test its Wings in all kinds of winds. For a Lion to be able Hunter it needs to be aware of all kinds of terrain without refrain without Fear. Where as with the Common Man who has long forgotten Solider, leave aside respecting them – All they ever saw them for was envious perks and discipline; ignoring the fact the it came with their Job Description and so did the Terms with no conditions applied of Laying Down their Life. 24×7 Job with no defined Work Hours. With the Political machinery in lieu of proposing “Ache Din” to masses sees the Allowances of Military personal as burden and place to make amends; while denying basic CPC recommendations and appraisals in Pay. What has the Solider left to Look forward too ?

The allowance and the so called perks; which were infact part of his Job Description when he/she is commissioned by the Head of State (now: President of India) were presented in-order to ensure the Solider discharges his/her duties without any worry while the Govt/Nation looks after his family and menial tasks. When one’s basic necessities are looked after only then one becomes Fearless.

Let us hope, as a Nation we are able to re-instill this essence of respect towards Forces so that the Elite of the Elite are received by the Forces not for its Pay ( which never was the criteria for those who Joined the Forces in its Prime) but for the Honor and Respect that comes along. For minions work for Salary and Money; Rulers by Birth are fueled by Respect and Honor; for their Valour isn’t up for Sale.

Big Respect to Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh, (98) for keeping the Jyot (Light) alive for Youngsters to look upto something beyond 9-5 and just minting Money. Have a Cause in Life and Live upto It.

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