~ No Beginning and No End ~

~ No Beginning and No End ~

Unravelled another truth of Life, the decisions are solemnly yours if you are the only one being affected by them. Collateral Damage or the revenue bookings of the fruits of those decisions are solemnly yours if you are the only one being affected by it. But if the pillars are being shared then the down force of the outcome might carry more latent force for one particular pillar than the other for that pillar could be the victim of vandalised approach to things.


If you are driving or you are playing with the hearts while holding the spades in your hand, always keep in mind the other characters and jokers in the world are not at your disposal. If you cannot be careful and upcoming, never ask for more than you can chew; for you may even loose what you have. Never do onto others what you don’t want to go through yourself. Every action has an equally resistive response catapulted to it.

Lighting never strikes twice but when it strikes for the first time it leaves a mark for the ages to come. The bolt is enough for the surroundings to be turned to ashes, but only those who humbly accept the bolt like the sand are able to convert the bolt of thunder into Glass of resilience and strength.


These sands which never seem to come in the fist of beholder are amicably the only substances that can bear it all. Be like the sand of time for rest the nature and forces of Gaya will handle them for you from Sunrise to Sunset, the force will take care.


Some call it the Chaos Theory, while others say Emotions and Feelings are things that cannot be Quantified or Evaluated. Many have tried to portray it metaphorically in songs, paintings, figurative words, photographs. But only two people in the world can understand them without any description one for whom they are meant and the other by whom they are meant. If the receiver fails to adjudge them, probably he/she is not worthy of them.


If a navigator cannot differentiate between dead end and detour then, it is better to find a new one. Time and tide wait for none, but who will tell the brain which also weighs the emotions and feelings which have no place in the theoretical world of ours. Those who are professionals of the game have gone numb long time ago, while to those who are exposed to the game of feelings by the virtues of fate. Time is the only assurance they seem to have, for you might be lonely the rest of the world isn’t.


Like the droplets of rain which lift you up when you are glee and help you cry so that no one else can watch, so are the moods of a person. Same situations in different perspectives seem to have a different effect on you.

These are those times when you cannot make seek from the head and toe, but the light of faith always keeps the lantern burning and enlightening the path of life.


If nothing else you will be even more determined to continue the chartered course of life with the belief ever more firmly and with the understanding that the walnut is not the same for everyone.


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