~Delicacy of Beauty @ Indian~

~Delicacy of Beauty @ Indian~

Kajal around the eyes, some say is to protect one from evil spirits; while some say is to protect the eyes. For the observer it is the element that highlights those Brown sparkling eyes. Enhancing each detail of the iris so beautifully that they seem like floating lava in a viscous fluid so cold that the flames froze before they could clam and settle. The black pupil seems like the black hole of the small universe it confines itself in. The hair locks covering the ears; from within shining the oxidized metal ear rings. Dangling from ears following every delicate movement of the face and lips; as if dancing to the tune of the enchanter in the forest of locks. Locks so swift that change direction with the flow of wind so as to let it pass by brushing with the hair and carrying its essence along in the air.


The attire so great wrapped around the female body so to reveal nothing but at the same time highlight the essence and signatures of the women distinctly. Each design on it unique from one another, on each does it set, on each it is valued. For it is customized for each yet maintains its delicacy.


The beautiful feet rest on it. Glistening nail paints, smooth curves, cute pinkies nicely parked, showing no pressure or remorse of load it carries. Arising from the space between the hallux and the finger, strap going on to sides; with its own signature speaking of the skilled craftsman and the beautiful feet that rest in them. The step and its motion of landing on the ground seem like the work of art and sheer harmony. A perfect sync, showing each cut on toe and its significance.


Such is the Delicacy of the Beauty of  Ethnic Indian Dressing; which bring the best in the women from Head to Toe, for no other can match.

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