This, blog is my attempt in sharing, tracking and flaunting my projects ( wacky ), writing skills ( if any ), thoughts ( senseless ones ) in the public domain. To get started you may select from Categories or Tag Cloud on the right as per your taste.

I would be delighted to hear feedback about your findings. Anything that would enhance any aspect or trait in me or my work.

To know about me simply keep reading !



I am naive as far as knowing myself is concerned, with a highly unstable Brain. The quarks just keep popping and coming up with things inorder for my physical self to pursue them.

I love the Country-Side, for it is closeness to Humaneness, Culture, Traditions and sense of belonging. Metros are just Concrete Jungles for me, where-ever one is in the endeavour to earn, engulfed in the circle of Credit-Debit & materialistic desires.

People make Retirement Plans to enjoy Life, if that’s what they call Enjoyment, I’m already retired.

Lifestyle is not what you do on Weekends, It is how you Live Every moment of your Life !

Each Day ; Each Dawn ; Each Moment ; Each Minute is a encounter with myself of knowing evolving and facing what I’m and what I’m turning into….

I evolve ; I change every second as I learn from this vast full of experience universe …

~Ƥŗőūđ Ɓŷ Ɓīŗţh ; Šĩķĥ Ɓŷ Ćħóĭćé ~
ੴ~шȁћɘɠȕȓȔ Ɉɨ Ќȁ Ќȟȁɭȿȃ шȁћɘɠȕȓȔ Ɉɨ Ќɨ Ḟḁṱḧḗ~ੴ

Turbos & Pistonz !

Turbos & Pistonz !
Along with like minded friends started my quest to build and facilitate ” Automotive Knowledge Sharing ” and thus Turbos and Pistonz was born on 24/03/2010 with the Facebook Page of TnP paving its way as broadcast medium. On 16/05/2011 we introduced the TnP Forum also know technically as BB ( Broadcast Bulletin Boards ).


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  1. Jasneet, I am proud of you and wish you all the best for your endeavours and pray that may Waheguru grant you the strength and wisdom to work hard in accomplishing your dreams and in service of humanity. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

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