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 👣Journey of Character 👣

 👣Journey of Character 👣
It is not how others see you,
It is not what others think of you ,
It never is how you project yourself,
It is never a facade of lies.
What is it, Whom you really are – is what your
character is !
What you do and act shapes it.
Society has no role to play…
HE almighty is the only one who Judges it.
Lie not, for it is a Sin. What is even worse is
stating Truth as a Lie.
No Matter How you project your Character.
Monetary & Materialistic items aside.. Play not,
Never with Emotions, Feelings, Affections,
Sentiments, Souls, Hearts.
It is a Journey, let it be of a Human not Satan !

~ The Haunting ~

~ The Haunting ~

Events of Today, Remind me of Yesterday,
The smell of scent reincarnates the smell of skin;
I couldn’t hold you against your will, for surely I went against mine.
The Haunting continues…


Looking at the Hearts, Reminded am I of Mine;
Beat had a rhythm once, today it just beats.
The Wind holds me by sword, it hallucinates your hair swaying through me.
The Haunting continues…

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