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Unstoppable Indians

Unstoppable Indians

Indians have been unstoppable in which ever field they may be in. One of the best civilizations flourished here in the ancient times. Many tried to slave this land but none were successful no one was able to withstand the strong determined people which latter will be called INDIANS; a republic democratic country which earned its status with a war unique in it own kind, the war which had freedom fighters like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Udham Singh, Subhase Chandra Bose and MAHATMA GHANDHI all in one battle. India is the only country which has shown Unity in diversity and surpassed all the social evils that try to break it.

Recent Years have seen; what can be called the golden period of the Indians. They have been creating news; whether it be

oInternational Politics







oIT Sector

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