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 👣Journey of Character 👣

 👣Journey of Character 👣
It is not how others see you,
It is not what others think of you ,
It never is how you project yourself,
It is never a facade of lies.
What is it, Whom you really are – is what your
character is !
What you do and act shapes it.
Society has no role to play…
HE almighty is the only one who Judges it.
Lie not, for it is a Sin. What is even worse is
stating Truth as a Lie.
No Matter How you project your Character.
Monetary & Materialistic items aside.. Play not,
Never with Emotions, Feelings, Affections,
Sentiments, Souls, Hearts.
It is a Journey, let it be of a Human not Satan !

~ Dolphins and The Tribe ~

~ Dolphins and The Tribe ~

I walked a hundred miles without any ache, without a feeling of numbness..

It was meant to be, a journey that I was to embark on to reach the end of river, the opening into the sea, waiting for my dreams to take wings. Towards the end before the sea, I met a pack of Dolphins… who refilled me with life, their jitter and glitter reminded me of the times I use to have, the life I use to have before I started my journey. I smiled and thanked God everyday, Everyday I dozed off with a smile on my face. I was elated and happy to hang with the Bats see the world up side down if I had too; but like all good things of life suddenly Dolphins found new source, maybe I was dull maybe I was not energetic, or maybe I was not the same… or Vise-versa… I hope the Dolphin remembers me for I define my degree years in those three months…

The clocks run at the same pace but the time seems different… The sunshine is the same but the light seems different… The sea seems the same but the sailors are different…

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